Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day of Rest

Thumbnails of Revised Compositions

Begin With A Death

A New Queen's Plot

The Transformation

The Royal Hunting Party
Today, I went over 4 of the draft of drafts of my Children of Lír digital painting proposal from two weeks ago.  They were all simple pencil/biro line sketches (so simple, they're really nothing worth looking at).  I was asked to rethink the compositions - basic stuff like expanding horizons - so I re-jigged the image ratios and added colour to give my lecturers an idea of what the ambience would be like in the final versions.  There are still a lot of details to add, such as wildlife and costume details.
I have all 8 images pretty much sorted but, like always, I also have completely alternative ideas, which I'll discuss in my presentation this Friday where I find out if this is what I progress.
It's a strange experience having to do such rough (seriously, rough) drafts since this project is meant for the year, so we can't get too ahead of ourselves at this stage.  Though it'd really be something if I finished the project months before our June exhibition!  As if, but one can dream...

J. x

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