Saturday, 24 September 2011

T-Rex Rides Them

4B Pencil and Coloured Pencils

While researching swans for one of my project proposals yesterday, I did a few study sketches.
The project is based on the Irish folk tale The Children of Lír, where the king's children are transformed into swans by their evil and jealous step-mother (of course!).
Step-mother's don't half get a bad rep in fairy tales....
I should write my own where the step-mother's the outright heroine.

I'm getting a little nervous for my project presentations, which are this Friday.
I've got an unusual visual style for this one, an imaginative concept for the other, and a mixed media/installation approach for the final, so I really have no clue what I'll end up doing for the rest of this year!

J. x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Eye On the Horizon

Initial Cover 1 Design

After much discussion and inspiration (people are great! I love people....) I'm making a serious start on one of my comic strip ideas, The Winter Coast.

I've loved comics as soon as I was old enough to read Asterix and Tintin all by myself but ever since university I've neglected that part of me.  Coming back to it has reminded me who I am and feels a bit like going home.

I had this particular comic planned about two years ago, but the story was almost a metaphor for my life at the time which made it intimidating to start.  I didn't want to feel psycho analysed, I wanted to create something simply enjoyable!
Enough time has passed, I've learned a lot since then and tried new things, so now is perfect to begin.  I feel relaxed when I do work now, and I know that this comic is something that's achievable.

So far I have lots of bullet-pointed scenes/ideas, I've begun to script out the scenes and drafted out panel layouts.  Once the first chapter is fully laid out I can begin pencilling, inking and will finally colour.
To make sure I keep going once uni begins I'll add it to my timetable, meaning I should do a bit each week.

J. x