Saturday, 22 October 2011

Costume Development

This has to be the bit I find the most fun!
Developing the costumes for my 'Children of Lír' project, so I know exactly who I'm creating in the final 8 digital paintings for my degree.  I love creating characters, and the clothes they wear put them across and tell stories without words.  Even though I chose specific design inspirations there are so many costume possibilities; sleeves/cuffs, layers, ties/ribbons, collars/off-shoulder, what type of material and how it drapes...  It's dizzying - I need to stop time!  But the possibilities keep up my motivation.  I've yet to really hone in on the male characters, but King Lír is to be kept simple and strong, and the Princes are pretty much decided.  The females though...  Well, we can never have too many clothes! ;)

I start with a rough line draft
Then on a new layer I finalise the  line drawing before the colour...

I have a lot more to show and even more to do!
So I'll be uploading all the project's work in to a set on Flickr, so I have it all together in one place for anyone to see but, most importantly, to see my progress and not lose sight of what I'm aiming to achieve for the June exhibition.
J. x


  1. Very nice development work!. I would try and draw a nice fancy dress but I've never worn one...or at least not to my for myself I'll be sticking with drawing and designing big ol' ponchos on my characters for the time being!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much!
      I had a look at your work, and I love your storyboards! What do you advise for drawing speedily but correctly, and controlling the level of detail?