Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sneaky Peek

No one outside of class has seen any of my exhibition work - and not everyone in the class has seen it.
So, as the exhibition is looming, I've decided to give you all a glimpse as to what my work is looking like.
To jog your memory: 'The Pied Piper of Hamlin'.  I adapted the story so it's set on another planet and in space to be developed as a feature animation film.  I selected four scenes from my story to digitally paint mock animation cels.

Click image to see it in glorious full resolution!
Let me know what you think!  What vibes do you get?  What does it remind you of?  What can be improved?   Though from this small crop it's hard to get a good idea - the original images are A2 sized and look like widescreen film stills.

When it's all over and done with I'll most probably put up all four of my images.  Until then!

Hello, caffeine, my old friend...

J. x

...Though I May Collapse

I made a long overdue To-Do List when I realised my brain didn't have the capacity to remember everything I need to do at any one time.
I since regret doing this...
I only made it half an hour ago.

Someone else needs to do my life for me - just for a few of days?  That'd be great, thank you!

My plan tonight is to tick a couple of boxes.

J. x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'm Not Dead

Bloody hell, I've not posted for ages!  And I have had so much I've wanted to share!
After Easter it's all been work work work, and when I get home I want to do anything but.

Firstly, before I left for Easter, I got an exciting e-mail telling me that my work and the work of three others' on my course had been chosen to advertise our graduate exhibition in GamesTM magazine!  I'm subscribed to the publication so to be told you're going to be in it in some way was really exciting.
The issue (109) is out now and you'll find us advertised at the back!
It's a really weird thing seeing work that's so familiar to me in something that can be seen by anyone around the country.  The ad is a decent size, which was a worry we had.  I'm definitely keeping the magazine forever.

Secondly, Ian Wharton, a graduate from the University of Cumbria, visited us last Friday.  He has already had a highly successful career only a few years after graduation.  He gave us an amazing presentation, full of confidence, honesty and inspiration.  Afterwards he spent time with each of us looking over our work, answer any queries we may have.  I was lucky to have been given fantastically positive feedback on my exhibition work, encouragement to stick with my idea for next year's project, and overall a message to really go for it.

Me with Ian Wharton
The University did this press release and took a sneaky picture of me with Ian.  I'm not happy!  I was dressed for a rainy day, not photos!  But it was definitely a moment to remember.  He made me feel (and I'm sure many others) like employment is more than a possibility.

If you want to find more about Ian...
Twitter: @ianwharton

Thirdly, the week before Ian Wharton, we had two guys from Ubisoft give a presentation and work feedback - Darren Yeomans, an artistic manager/visual developer, and Peter Cochrane, another graduate and an environment artist.  I didn't know what work to show them but Yeoman saw the exhibition piece I was working on and actually said (hold your breath):
"I would consider you as a concept artist"
This was based on how I had digitally painted an environment.

To say the least I'm on a high after all of this!

Fourthly: I will - I WILL - post up the images I've done over the past month.  I've kept up with the One Hour Weekly Challenge (though I've probably missed a couple...) it's just not evident online yet.  I bought a nice set of watercolour pencils in the holiday that I want to use more, mixed with ProMarkers.
And if you're fed up of silly drawings I've uploaded a few new photos on to my Flickr that I recently got developed.
All this hard work is really hard work.
Good job I find it so much fun!

J. x