Thursday, 13 October 2011

Biro Fever

Tuesday evening I suddenly came down with a high temperature, runny nose and all the usual icky cold symptoms!  I had so much work left to do for my project proposal (which is tomorrow morning!) but I felt like dying by half 7... I tried to sleep at half 9... but ended up drawing at half 11.  It wasn't work related, but I was feeling too delirious to work, with strange images and shapes going through my mind - and not everything needs to be 'for a purpose'!  It's important to do things 'just because' for a change :)

So, tucked up in bed, on the phone to a lovely friend who helped me stop feeling so sorry for myself, I got out a Mole Skin and a ball-point pen and drew whatever I felt like!  Now I feel like a fool!!
For the past month I've been hating my pencil sketches I've had to do for uni, and I think the problem is right there: 'pencil sketches'.  There's something about your mentality when you pick up a pen instead of a pencil, knowing you can't rub out the lines.  With a pencil I make marks that end up being meaningless, but with a pen you could say I air-draw.  I act out each line I want to make before I make it and, with no room for error, I really focus rather than believing I can make a load of mistakes and rub it out later, which in turn means I'm careless, making even more mistakes.  With a pen I think before I act.

Above are some fairy wing doodles which I might incorporate into one of my digital paintings I've got planned out.  And 'Poca-Haunt-Yo-Ass' came to me after being told completely dreadful home-made knock-knock jokes - which are the funniest kind!  She's just in time for Hallowe'en!  I'll definitely do a digital coloured version.  A possible t-shirt design?
I also did a whole page of word play ideas and tongue twisters which could make a few good greetings cards....
Being deliriously feverish turned out to be productive!
J. x


  1. Hahahaha Dreadful home made knock knock jokes!!?? I thought they were real mind teasers :D Amazing work lil cat!! Soooo good! Xx

  2. ..."which are the funniest kind"!
    Thank you my lovely! :D

  3. I can imagine seeing 'Poca-Haunt-Yo-Ass' on Threadless haha. I'd buy it! x

  4. I'll hold you to that! Photographic evidence will be required. x