Saturday, 9 June 2012


I went in to uni this morning to set up for the exhibition evening tonight, and got the sad news that Wilfred Tolan had passed away.  Wilf was a life model at the University for several of the art departments.  He was the most reliable and dedicated model we had, and was always a gentleman.  I can't imagine how many students have drawn his likeness or just how many times.  Sketches of him have lined corridors around campus since before I ever had a class with him.  He had a genuine interest and enthusiasm in the work each student did, enjoying whatever we came out with and always had a friendly conversation for you at the end.  So it was great getting to know him instead of only ever drawing him.

He'll be sorely missed and lovingly remembered.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Exhibition 2012

The campus arts exhibition officially started today.  Brampton Road Campus in Carlisle has opened its doors for everyone to freely wander through all the art departments to see graduate work from this past year.
For more information visit the uni website here.

As students, we've all looked forward to being able to display the hard work we've been doing.  Not only that, but it's exciting for us to see the noticeable improvements everyone has made within one year.

For me, I really noticed just how different one segment of one of my paintings changed:

February 2012
May 2012
There's loads to see on the campus - photography, graphic design, film, and of course Games Design and Digital Arts ;)
Hope you can make it!