Saturday, 13 August 2011

Practise, Not Perfect

I had a go at digital painting to practise more realistic colour and lighting.  I think I got that right, but I started working the picture over and over so much that I realised it wasn't getting any better as it had become too familiar.  For that reason I might go back to it and adjust it (hands and face).

I've learnt a lot to do with colour/tone and have a little more confidence within myself - I didn't use any visual references so I was surprised at how well it turned out overall.
Next time: work quicker, better results, use anatomical references...

J. x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Wow, been so long since I posted anything!
Well, I've been working very hard at taking it easy.

I'm also remembering how to enjoy my drawing work and not force ideas for my graduate (eek!) project, which starts at the end of September.

My Morocco Photos
The result of a severe lack of money post-holiday, grey English weather and plenty of time on my hands has given me plenty of creative breathing space.

My trip to Morocco showed me (apart from that I'm made to live somewhere hot) how much the people of the country make everything themselves, which got me thinking about all the crap I needlessly buy.  If you can make it, why buy it?  Not that I could make all my household furniture, but I'd give it a good go!

 So, I've been tearing down wallpaper, putting up curtains, sanding and painting, stitching up clothes, sewing cushion covers and making mobiles.  And of course, drawing.  Even a little bit of animating!  Which I'll save from showing anyone until it's finished.

Mobile made from playing cards....

....With a few jingle bells at the end.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer.
And if you're in London being affected by the riots my thoughts are with you.
Stay safe!

J. x