Thursday, 6 October 2011

Silhouettes #1

A bit of costume design work that I did last night.
I've been throwing costume ideas around for a while, and figured I'd simplify things down to silhouettes.
The benefit of this is that you see what shapes have the most impact, a visual balance, and by adding little lumps and edges here and there your mind then inspires you to think of it in further detail - what material could that be caused by?  What detail does that lead to?
Silhouetting stops you from over-thinking.
Now I can pick and mix from the shapes I'm happy with to go on to develop specifics; materials, colours, patterns and even finer details (stitching, buttons, embellishments etc.)

I also need to produce a sheet for the Princes, the King, and the Queen.

I'd be really interested in hearing any opinions on what designs stand out!

J. x


  1. Am loving the lace detail on the sleeves of the two ladies on the bottom row!

  2. They are so pretty!! Magical! I can see the dresses in full! The Silhouettes work so well!! Good on ya apple pie!! I want a silhouette made of all the boys! , think it will make a nice arty piece for my wall!! :D Xxx

  3. Duly noted, Janapanda! Lace preferred over puffy sleeving cuffs..?

    One Promo Girl portrait at a time, Fox! I don't know what it says when I had that same idea and imagined you'd think of it too.
    'Great minds' is what it says!

    J. x