Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Menu Illustration

Something I worked on in between Wales, Paris and moving.  I'm settled now so I'm drawing now. :)
This looks better than I thought it'd turn out, but I'm not happy with the composition overall.  Guess I ran out of steam.  Think it needs a few more details, possibly - what do you think?  What was your first thoughts?
In the mean time I'm onto the next self-directed project:
comic-style posters of BBC's tv series, Luther!
Initial pencil sketches on here very very soon...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Birthdaaay...

A week before his birthday L.H. told me he thought he looked like a llama - what a foolish mistake to make!
Really fun to draw and keep secret.  He took it very well, the lovely man.

You've not heard from me for a while as I've been busy moving in with said llama, had a trip away with family, then another with llama, then REALLY moved in.  And we have the internet here now!  Getting back into my routine, and there are a couple of things I had been working on before the hectic weeks began.  Expect to see more drawings soon :)