Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Quicker Update!

Even though it's 6 months away, I'm planning my next year's project.
My thoughts are, pick a well known story, design its characters, but in three styles for three different media: for an animation, a video game, and for a motion picture. They'll be specifically designed for children, teens, and adults.  I'm not sure which way round the last two go yet...  This way I can finally focus my styles for each industry I'd love to be a part of, as the approach is quite different for each, and I can show an understanding of audience and marketing.  Basically - GIVE ME A JOB!
I'm toying with the idea of Antony and Cleopatra, since I'm reading about the Roman Empire, and I recently watched the entire BBC 'Rome' series (why did it get cancelled? WHHHY?!).  Plus it's a fantastic and passionate story.  The fact it's a part of history is even better.

 Quick thoughts on Cleopatra

In my typically ignorant student fashion, Red Nose Day came before I knew it.  My mum was lovely enough to have posted me my red nose, that she bought me, to my student house, as I left it at home in Manchester!
I also got one of the Vivienne Westwood Comic Relief t-shirts.  Well, this is a vest...  Reading the label, I was surprised to find that only £7 of the £15 went to Comic Relief, so I decided I'd rather spend my would-have-been £30 on two t-shirts in a local charity shop.  There I found the vest!  How bizarre!  It was the only one, and just the morning after Comic Relief.  It was £2.50, so ethically, I don't know how I feel about buying it as I didn't give to Comic Relief, but I did give over £20 to Shelter instead.  Which is better than £20 in any high street store. Personally, the vest is a collector's piece and I wouldn't give it away so easily!
It's not every day you can wear Vivienne Westwood!
Comic Relief always makes me feel very proud of the nation's people, and also pretty bitter towards the celebrities telling us to give our money without hearing if they've given any of their thousands towards it.  It felt crazy how much was raised this year considering we're meant to be up economic shit creek.

And here are some latest sketch book bits, just because....
I was watching Poirot at the time....
Life Drawing class, outside in lovely sunshine.
Solely ProMarkers to exaggerate colours.
2B pencil to quickly sketch in model as he passed.
Quick dynamic sketch of our lovely life model, Wilf!

Okay, back to Photoshop, yet again!
Today I'm doing texture work for a 3D model of a train station building.
J. x


  1. That vest is wicked, I want one! Very true, it's not everyday you can wear Vivienne Westwood. Especially a collectors pieces like this.

    Also really like the Cleopatra sketches, the first video game i ever buy will be the one you design! :)

    x x x

  2. They're all sold in TK Maxx! Quite a few designs.
    Ohhh, yooou... I better make it a good one then!