Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Quick Update!

As of last night my work alongside others at university is on display on our course website's home page.  My work shown is all my drawn stuff, as a variation from the 3D work that was already up.  Plus my 3D work pales in comparison!  I'm all for texturing and drawing, but 3D modelling, not so much.  I enjoy it, but my heart's not in it.  Hope you enjoy looking at everyone's work, I think there's some impressive stuff.  We have industry people that check the site leading up to our end of year exhibition, so it's nice to have something on show.

In other news, online statements I made about International Women's Day and sexual equality are being put in to the new edition of the University of Cumbria's newspaper, The Informer.  You can go to the online edition here.  The guys doing BA Journalism devote a lot of time and effort in getting news stories, and don't get the credit they deserve.  I'm sure you'll find some good stuff there.  I'm slightly nervous but I've not said anything outlandish or insulting to anyone, so I should have nothing to fear!

'Holiday Song' - a sneaky preview!
I'm also waiting to hear when the third issue of Bagatelle, a creative anthology of writing and sequential art, is going to be printed and up for sale!  I was responsible for illustrating a graphic novel script, written by Creative Writing and Journalism Joint Honours student, Jess Copley, called 'Holiday Song'.  It's a very beautiful story and I was so honoured to have been asked to do it.
It's very exciting and humbling knowing you're responsible for someone else's vision, placing it along side other talented people, and then having it printed and sold around the UK!
I finished it mid-January, and all the other contributors' work is in.  We're just awaiting a final cover design, and voilà!

J. x

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