Sunday, 13 November 2011

Until June 6!

Beginning Final Image 2/8

And people thought last year was stressful...

I was required to make a personal work schedule for my graduate project last week.  It suddenly hit me how little time I really have to do anything - the project, dissertation, personal work (oh, personal work! I miss you!), and I'll try to forget what a social life is.  Six months used to sound like such a long time, but now I've started on the final pieces (at A2 size, 150dpi) I realise just how much I've got to do and how quickly I need to do it.

Schedule for 12 November to 6 June's exhibition
I skipped ahead of my schedule just a little bit to reassure myself in terms of my ability for the final images.  Luckily, I've got off to a decent start, which eases some of my worry.  I do worry!  I shouldn't.  I should be filled with certainty and confidence!  The trickiest thing with drawing is seeing exactly what you want to achieve in your mind and managing to translate it to the page/screen, or, worse, if the image in your head isn't certain and transforms and morphs every time you think about it.

If I'm going to be a very good student today, I'll be doing sketches of the King's throne, the Queen's magic chest (now now, it's a wooden box!) and have a look at some boats...  Now I've begun a final image the excitement is kicking in once more, and I'm finding it hard to not keep working on it before I've finished this pre-production design work.  A good and a bad thing!  :)

Like my Queen, I need to keep my chin up, hide my looks of worry and not misdirect my anger on any children.

J. x

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  1. Amazing work cat features!!! I fancy me one of them feathery neck pieces :D Xx