Monday, 14 November 2011

Fink Before I Act

As a part of my development for my graduate project I've been doing little studies of colour and anatomy.  This is one of the ones I did today to study complexion.  The others were very quick for personal understanding and not worth looking at.

Charlie Fink from Noah and the Whale
I should point out my final pieces won't be done in this style (or lack of style).

I've learnt that, without references, my head chooses colours very close together in hue and tone when trying to be realistic, whereas in actuality there's a much broader range; lips are more violet, yellows blues and oranges are bold in the skin's tone.
And teeth are a pain in the bum.

J. x


  1. This is awesome Jess! The skin tones are very impressive. The guys a bit to perfect looking for my taste though lol He's very model-esc. That's no criticism to your skills though; the picture's fantastic.

  2. Thanks very much Colin!
    It sounds to me like someone's jealous...
    I should have added, I chose Charlie Fink because he has the look that I want for the Princes (a slightly surreal beauty).

  3. Now that is a sexy Chap indeed!!! Caww!! :D Amazing work!! REaaaally like this one very muchos! Xx Top marks :D

  4. Perfect.
    But like Colin said, its too "modelish" :-)