Friday, 8 April 2011

1 Hour Week 2

A very delayed post...
My challenge last week was to do a self-portrait in which I exaggerated the colours and characteristics:

15 Minutes
30 Minutes

45 Minutes
There are still a lot of areas that are left undefined/-refined since I have such little time...  I think I should have gone for a better angle of myself too.  It's hard to look down, keeping the same pose each time, then look up at the screen to replicate it, so I don't think it looks too much like me.  Also, as I'm not particularly haggard for an ancient 21-year-old, or have any especially odd features, I found it really hard to make myself into a caricature.  Honestly, though I sound like I berate myself all the time, I'm really pleased with what I came out with in the time I had, especially as I've never done a portrait digitally, only cartoons.
I do love the colour tones that I chose!

My next one is tomorrow.

J. x


  1. (I hope this post actually works now!)

    This is really good! I love the style of it, how it looks like you but is still a specific style of cartoon, does that make sense lol? :D I love the expression as well, it's almost as if the drawing is evaluating itself! x x

  2. Hey genius! Loving all this, shall be following as often as my old unhip dude cyberhabits allow.
    Self-portrait does suggest you're gripping an axe in one of your unseen hands... Mermaid's terrific, as are doodles - very best of luck with the march towards employability. And is Bagatelle available yet?

  3. Like the way you set up your blog. Cool stuff.

  4. I've paid a lot of attention to the feedback I've been getting - thanks to everyone. New blog layout has been a positive. For my work,; unusual expressions, poses and angles are the way forward it seems!

    There's been no recent news on the Bagatelle front as yet - I believe they want to release the website at the same time. I hope it's sorted soon, it's been a long wait.

    Thank you guys for taking the time to not only look around but also give your thoughts.
    It's all really appreciated.
    J. x

  5. Hi Jessica!
    amazing work!

    greetings from São Paulo!!

  6. Thank you, Denise!
    How is it in Sao Paulo?
    I really enjoyed looking at your work.
    J. x