Monday, 18 April 2011


I wrote this as a reply to comments on my posts, but I figured doing it as a full blog post would be a good idea too.

I've paid a lot of attention to all the feedback I've been getting - a big thanks to everyone.
It's come from friends, acquaintances, professionals and complete strangers!  I highly value all of it.
When you tell me what you think I seriously consider your thoughts.  I feel more motivated and encouraged knowing that the little things that I do can make someone smile, give them an idea of their own, or just waste a few minutes of their time on the internet.

The new blog layout has been a definite positive!

On my work; unusual expressions, poses and angles are the way forward it seems!

My work on The Jam Factory music event logo is almost over.  I think my client and I had a mutual understanding about what we wanted, which is always a relief, but like most work I do, I can always do better.
There's been no recent news on the Bagatelle comic front as yet - I believe they want to release the website at the same time as the printed issue.  I really hope it's sorted soon, it's been too long of a wait for everyone involved.
Facebook Fan Page and Twitter are finally getting going.  They're a great way to connect instantly with people!

I haven't posted my latest One Hour Weekly Challenge as it didn't work out due to several interruptions.
I really need to give it a full and focused hour, no matter the outcome, for me to learn from it.
I'll be doing two more, one tonight and one tomorrow, to make amends.

Also, I'll be going home for a week so I won't be posting until I'm back!

Thank you guys for taking the time to not only look around but also to write your thoughts.
It's all really appreciated.

Take care,
Happy Easter!

J. x

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