Sunday, 13 February 2011

At the Flickrs

I love getting feedback on my drawn images but I also like having a place for my little photography hobby.  I haven't uploaded on Flickr for a couple of months, so I went through all my latest photos I took to make them Flickr ready.  This time round I was looking at creating a cinematic feel through composition and colour tone...

I'm very lucky to have a massive park to walk through to get to uni.  A thick mist descended upon the city creating an amazing atmosphere over the river and through the trees in the morning, and a horror feel during the walk back at night.
As always, I had my trusty ol' camera in my bag!  I was aching to have had a top of the range camera.  And if I had a hoard of models at my beck and call...  What a photo shoot there could have been!!

I do love photography, and I suppose it's not so surprising when films play such a big part of inspiring my drawing.  It's also a really valuable tool for me to learn how lighting affects environments.

J. x

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