Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I've felt for a while that modern media aimed at children is overly censored.  Where are the curse words?  The sexual innuendos?  The violence?  The villains that make you never want to watch again and by next week ask your parents to put it on?  It's why I love Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park!  The childhood memories of entertaining fear and adventure while in the comfort of the sofa.
This is what I considered before I started to create my 'Pied Piper' adaptation and why I decided to take little Andi's hand away.
Kids aren't stupid, they know what goes on in life no matter how much you try to protect them, and they can handle a lot more than we'd like to think.
I want parents to stop being afraid of their children being afraid.

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

When you queue up for a roller coaster you dread it, but you stay in the queue, don't you? After all the screaming you get off laughing and often want to go again.  And not because you're not scared any more, you are, but you know that afterwards you'll be alright.

J. x


  1. Here here! I remember the whole complaints story with the bbc and the children presenter who had one hand, unessecary censorship with todays generation (which makes me feel so old)As for the lack of comedic violence on the box, Parentals etc are worried they will imitate violence, teach them that it is wrong, if they continue to watch typical programmes the bad guy never wins. If u don't buy them toy guns etc will still pretend to have them...we watched things like Tom and jerry (and other real cartoons) now they have zingzillas and poorly animated remakes of classics like postman pat, fireman Sam and noddy. Please can you not go into gaming and make propper cartoons instead, think of the children!!

    Don't forget jaws, I hated it but kept watching

  2. p.p.s