Monday, 14 February 2011

Pop Ya Colour*

I recently saw a great piece of work by Potato Farm Girl of Josie and the Pussycats.  The colours really popped, so I went off to play with my pencils and markers to see what happened.

I came out with this:

Character Design for Animation: 'Andi' (Prismacolour pencils, Promarker pens)

I often use orange and blue coloured pencil to draft out for cartoon images, but using green contrasted against the warm browns and yellows making my images glow.  What do you think?
Not only is it refreshing to do something different but it mentally refreshes - it's like seeing your work through new eyes.

J. x

*Yeeeah, that's a shameless Usher song title pun...


  1. Whoa cool! The green shadows are a lot of fun! Sometimes if I go out drawing for the day, I'll just bring a few random colors to play with. Good way to experiment. Keep drawing and having fun! :D

  2. Thank you very much! I'll definitely be trying out new things more often. I think a small part of me is still stuck in the high school art class mentality of 'this is right and this is wrong'.
    Take care. x