Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bollywood, The Works!

In Britain we have an amazing little high street chain called The Works which has some great discounted books and art equipment.  I went in on Tuesday to meet a friend, and spotted this for £2.99:

I saw it and got very excited!
I love the sumptuous colours and designs of Indian film and culture.
I had the excuse of needing change for the shopping trolley and cheekily bought it.
It's filled to the brim with colour page spreads and a concise history of Bollywood, broken down into film genres...

Posters for the film Jodhaa Akbar - one of my favourite films!

About 216 pages 'with 225 colour illustrations', it's well worth trying to find!
Next year I might incorporate elements of Eastern/Indian culture into my graduate project.

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  1. Having change for the shopping trolley is the bane of my life! That book is amazing, and what a bargain! :D

    x x