Friday, 15 March 2013

Mr Little

In case you didn't see me post this on every other online thing possible...
A portrait of Omar Little from HBO's The Wire - if you've never seen the show before what have you been watching all your life?!

It wasn't quite what I'd had in mind, but I think it actually ended up better than I'd planned.  The picture I had in my head was mainly the multicoloured scratches, which I've got, so I'm happy!

I've been neglecting my blog quite a bit this year.  It's been my own fault for keeping things secret; I've not been sharing progress and processes so as to not spoil any surprises for people.
I can tell you what I'm working on though:

- 2 costume design mini-projects
- a comic strip for my other gentleman half
- pin-up style portraits of my girl friends
- quick designs of my character Andi from my Andona project
- ideas and scripting for a graphic novel (check back with me in 10 years)
- sketching and painting for fun in between
- and then there's the next TV portrait! I've not done a film portrait yet - any suggestions?!

All that on top of working full time and trying to keep up learning languages.  It is tough and slow!
I do love personal challenges though, so I'm enjoying the struggle in a twisted kinda way.
What are all you guys working on?
Do any of you keep things secret until a certain point of completion?


P.S.  I'm now on Tumblr and Society6


  1. I do keep work back until I feel ready to release it. There's no point in me posting an update of a UV really (or if there is something in particular I want to talk about)

    Currently working on:-
    *my mech study #1 or 3.
    *Design work for my mates band (lets see how it goes haha)
    *Chino is still on hold but I am very excited to get back to him.

    Good luck with the work!

    1. Thank you!

      Like I was saying, I hold back because I want to finish everything first and then do a 'big reveal', especially when my work is for someone else.
      Showing our process is so beneficial to everyone, to keep up the sense of a social network to keep learning from one an other. Also, when you only see the final piece it's hard to imagine how someone ever started it. It's much more inspirational to me to see someone's beginning then their end.

      Yeah, I love having loads of projects going at once!
      How's the band design work going?

  2. Going well, just discussing payment now so I'm assuming they want the design :)

    Also started up my own apparel brand

    All rather exciting and rather scary all at the same time.