Monday, 23 April 2012

BREACH by Catapult Inc.

At the University, one of our modules this semester was Project Development.
In groups we had to come up with an idea for a game, work out costs, the marketing and some hopeful profits.
In my group of three, AKA Catapult Inc., we devised 'Breach' - a downloadable action/adventure game set in a Camelot type world with all the characters being Arctic/oceanic animals, set entirely on land.  Picture dolphins and seals, trying to waddle after humanoid whales on only their flippers and fins.
We have so many characters, entire levels planned out and a fully-fledged story with an unfolding mystery.
I did some basic character designs, worked on the finances and marketing strategy, and created the poster/game cover:   

It was a super fun project to come up with!  I like to imagine none of us forget it and once we leave uni we could maybe develop it a little further - mainly more concept art, visuals accompanying the level details etc.  We should do our massive idea justice.  Who knows where it could go?

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