Saturday, 13 August 2011

Practise, Not Perfect

I had a go at digital painting to practise more realistic colour and lighting.  I think I got that right, but I started working the picture over and over so much that I realised it wasn't getting any better as it had become too familiar.  For that reason I might go back to it and adjust it (hands and face).

I've learnt a lot to do with colour/tone and have a little more confidence within myself - I didn't use any visual references so I was surprised at how well it turned out overall.
Next time: work quicker, better results, use anatomical references...

J. x


  1. Just thought I'd comment on this piece. Firstly I like to say well done on the arms and the chest as I think you've defiantly achieved something beautiful, both with colour and how realistic they also look. This also leads on to a question, did you want to make the women look realistic or not?
    Overall well done and look forward to seeing you in September.

  2. Thanks very much, James!
    I was mainly focusing on my colour palette's realism by choosing a subtle image i.e. a nude. I chose the colours first and had them alongside the image, adding any new shades as I went. I've never attempted real use of colour for shadows/highlights/reflective light so that was my real aim.
    I also wanted to use a sense of focus where I centred all the detail on the face and chest (hence no feet! And I love drawing feet!).
    I can't wait to come back and be with the class again.
    J. x